Beneficial Personal Loans - Signature Loans - Unsecured Loans
No Collateral Required - Terms of 1 to 5 Years - Bad Credit OK
Beneficial Personal Loans
Beneficial is one of the nation's leading financial services companies and is proud to now be a member of the HSBC Group. We have the experience and resources to tailor loans that help customers reach their financial goals and realize their dreams!

For more than 85 years, we've been helping people find solutions to their financial needs. Our tradition of caring has made Beneficial the name people trust when they need help meeting financial goals and improving their finances along the way.

Beneficial Personal Loans

Beneficial Personal Loan. Money when you need it most. Get the money you need, fast. Beneficial Personal Loans help you take care of an unexpected expense, make that big purchase or have credit available in case of of emergencies. Get ahead today. Fast and hassle-free.

Beneficial Offers these Personal Loan Options

- Personal Installment Loan
Choose a Personal Installement Loan for the following benefits:

  • Funds are available immediately. Your funds are available immediately for bill consolidation, major expenses or other large purchases.
  • Stable payments You'll always know exactly what your payment is, a great benefit for budgeting.
  • Fixed interest rate. Your interest rate stays the same for the entire term of your loan, a great benefit for budgeting.

Personal Loan Amount: $2,500 - $20,000.*

- Personal Revolving Credit Line
Choose a Personal Revolving Credit Line for the following benefits:

  • Check writting convenience. Have the flexibility to write checks to pay bills or to make a much needed purchase.
  • Maximum flexibility. Use any amount of your available credit, pay interest only on the money your using.
  • Use your credit line again and again. Pay down your credit line in any amount and that amount becomes available to you again.

Personal Loan Amount: $2,500 - $20,000.*

Unsecured Personal Loan Payment Calculator
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Why choose a Personal Loan from Beneficial?
Because Beneficial makes funds available immediately for bill consolidation, major expenses or large purchases.

What are the benefites of a Personal Loan from Beneficial?

  • No collateral required to secure the loan.
  • Fewer documents to work through; open a personal loan with just your signature.
  • Flexible, reasonable payment options.
  • Get money quickly.
  • No application fee.

Getting a Beneficial Personal Loan is as easy as applying for a credit card. It's not secured, which means you don't have to borrow against your personal property, like your home or your car.

Beneficial specializes in providing solutions for hard-working people - even if you have less than perfect credit. Start the loan process now and be one step closer to the money you need.

As part of HSBC, one of the world's largest and most respected financial services companies, Beneficial is proud to continue our heritage of trust, caring and service for you.

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